Keystone Catfishing February 14, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Happy Valentines day everyone! I know a young man and his father that had a pretty nice Valentine's day. Perry and his son Brook worked some pretty decent catfish over today. First cat of the day for Brook was a whopper for Keystone. Perry got this trip for his son for a birthday present and I'd bet that it was a happy birthday fer ole Brook. Tiny fount out that it was his birthday and he was talking about him and his grandpa fishing for bass so tiny looked in his tackle box and produced about 8 crankbaits and one top water and gave them to Brook. I figured that they'd sit in my tackle box and the hooks would rust off them eventually ... or before I'd ever use them and I knew Brook could get more use out of them that me. so Happy birthday and Valentine's day Brook. Brook now holds the keystone boat record at 40+ lbs. They released all three of their big fish today to live to fight another day.

Brook's first fish of the day at 40+ lbs

Brook with another that was a little over 20

Perry with one about 20 lbs