Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 14, 2015

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Valentine's Day! Went out with a pair of sweethearts today, Michelle and Jeremey and Kelsey and Damon. We caught in the neighborhood, as best as we could figure, about 430 lbs today. We turned back so many that we kinda lost count but it was between 10 or 11 over 15 lbs and kept about 220 lbs for cleaning. Weather was really great and it ended up being one of those special trips where most everything went right. I picked out what I thought was the best 4 pics and deleted the rest as this page would have taken me an hour to get posted had I not.

Kelsey with one of her 15+

Damon with an 18+

Jeremey with his biggun of the day

Michelle with her biggun of the day at 20 lbs, at least I think this was the 20 lb'r