Keystone Catfishing February 15, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Adam and his son, Tanner, Matt and his son Jared today. These boys tore um slap up now. Adam set the hook on a fish and he said this one's about 2 lbs ... here Tanner ... reel this one in ... that dadburnt fish gained 20 lbs on the way in cause when we netted it I hollered ... HELP! ... Little Help here! They helped me get it in the boat and that rascal was as big as Tanner was ... 22 lbs and that boy reeled it in all by himself ... I couldn't believe it. Ole Tanner throws that chest out and allows "I could do a lot more of that!" hahaha ... He was a mess now. Beat anything I'd ever seen ... a short while later I got on the phone and called my wife and said hey ... you know that seven year old we was so worried bout him going fishing in this really cold weather? Yeah she sez ... well I said ... that boy just now reeled in a 22 lb fish and he's tougher than a lot of full growed men. He never whimpered or whined a bit about that cold weather ... that was me doin all the whining about the cold hehehe. Anyhow ... it was a pretty special trip. we caught about 26 fish all together and they turned back the 20 lb'rs but still had a whoppin mess of fish.

Tanner with his first fish of the day

Matt with his first nice one

Jared with his first goodern at around 12 lbs

Adam with a 10+ he'd caught, Tanner helped him reel it in though

Jared with another nice one

Jared with his 20 lb blue, Nice fish Jarod

Here's Tanner with his 22+

Jared with another biggun

Action Shot!

This is the one he brought in on the Action Shot