Keystone Catfishing February 15, 2011

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Fished with the Cox Brothers from up Colorado way. When we first launched we had to bust ice for about 3 miles and then it was clear sailing the rest of the way. The fish were biting really lethargically as we'd caught several that bit and just laid there .. also the fish were all small that we were catching ... had a bunch of hits then drops so I reduced the hook size way down and that solved that problem. Tied on a bunch of 1/0 sized hooks and then started nailing the fish. When the fish start this hitting and letting go stuff ... it's usually fixed by dropping down to a really small sized hook. We ended up with 29 fish total which was about 160 total lb's of fish.

Mike with his first nice fish of the day

Dale with a pretty nice blue

I got Gary and Dale in an action shot here

This fish here was so big they hadda use two grippers on him hahaha

Mike with his biggest fish he'd ever caught on rod n reel at 11 lbs
Congrats Mike!!!