Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 16, 2013

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Fished with Jerry Hime, J.T., Randy, and Jim on a regular fishin trip... didn't look for any big fish but we managed to catch a nice one or three. We were going along just fine today until I seen Randy whip out a nanner and started eating it and I said "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" Randy said what? I said you know it's bad luck to bring nanners on a fishing boat don't ya? No and he scoffed like it was no big deal and then he missed the next 4 good bites and then allowed that Jerry had ate one too just before that and it seemed like the nanner curse was compounded as we missed 9 bites in a row and then finally caught one and missed several more on top of that. I'd never seen such but told Randy that I really didn't believe that stuff and he allowed he did ... it's science now and not conjecture as it's been proved!!!! hahaha. Later on after the curse wore off we caught 6 at once ... 4 of them all at the same time then two more just boom boom after we got those 4 in the boat.

J.T. with the biggun of the day at 27.2 lbs

Jerry with a nice one

Here they all are ... I was so flustered at the nanner thang I made them get out and walk.
hahaha ... just kiddin ... they got out the boat while I cleaned the fish

Here's the nanner man himself, Randy proudly posing with his last nanner he had stowed away on my boat
and devouring after we got the boat loaded back on the trailor