Keystone Catfishing February 18, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Went with Steve Carroll in his boat today. Now I'm wanting one of them Predators ... can't afford them though. They sure got a lot of room in them. We literally had a blast today ... Notebookers tored um up out on keystone today. I'm not sure how many fish we had ... I'd venture a guess at somewhere around 25 give or take a couple. Biggest one was near 15 lbs. Mike caught that one. My wife wanted a picture of me reeling a fish in so I had to reel in one. that's not my job though hahaha. Me, Steve King, Steve Carroll and Sunset Mike went out on this excursion today. ole Mike whipped us up a couple of breakfast burritos out there on the boat slapped on the tortilla with some picante sauce and they sure was good .. first time I'd ever been around when someone cooked a meal right smack dab in the boat on a coleman cook stove. Sure was good.

This is Mike unbuttoning a nice keeper

Mike and Steve reeling in one of the three doubles we got today

And here's the double ... Mikes was close to 15 lbs

Mike and Steve Carroll on another double

Hawker Steve hiding behind the center console

Tiny horsing in about a 8 lb blue .. looks like I was had my foot on
Steve's rod holder but my big ole club foot wasn't really touching it

Well, Maybe it's just a 6 lb'r hehehe

Steve Carroll in another action shot

about a 10 lb'r ... the one he reeled in on the action shot