????? Catfishing Feb 19, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Gerald Hatcher and my cousin Roy today. We went exploring a new lake today and started pretty late and had shad caught by about 12 oclock and went in search of some fish ... we found a lot of fish in one area but didn't see any bigguns and that's what we were kinda looking for but didn't really have time to search all of the lake but we managed to catch a couple of nice ones. I forgot to get a pic of Gerald's 15 but here's a pic of Roy's ... it was between 16 to 18 lbs. We caught about 8 total, couple of 10's and a 12 a 15 and a few around 4 to 7 lbs and started back to the ramp just a little before 4pm. The wind had gotten up really badly and it was tough to take all that pounding. We could have probably limited out pretty quickly at that first spot that I found fish as there was a bunch of them there but it looked like none of them were over 10 lbs so we never even threw out a hook there ...it was a long boat ride back to the ramp so I wanted to get home in time to get some rest in case I had to go fishin tomorrow. I might start guiding at a few different lakes as there are a lot bigger fish but I think if I do I'll put a limit on those lakes as I wouldn't want to see those places end up like keystone and not have any big fish in them at all. probably something like turn everything back over 10 lbs or something like that.