Keystone Catfishing Feb 20, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

I made myself a short trip this morning and came home by a little after 1pm. I fished for maybe two hours and caught 6 fish with the biggest two right at 15 lbs ... one at 15.6 and the other at 14.13. I just wanted to get in a little short trip and kind of do some scouting ... I spotted some big scattered fish down in the main part of the lake and was going to drift there for a little bit and I let my trolling motor down and it wouldn't turn to the left ... daggum minnkota piece of ... well you get the idea ... their service center closest to me is over at Wagoner and that guy had my winch forever it seemed like and never even started on it so I'm probably going to have to junk that $1000 trolling motor. Took two pics today and released everything ... kept one in the livewell as I'd gill hooked it and thought it was gonna die but it was still pretty spunky when I got to the ramp so I threw that one back too. The other 4 were between 3 and 6 lbs. Really felt good to get out again! Thanks to everyone for the Get Well wishes and Prayers.