Keystone Catfishing February 20, 2010

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Fished with Curtis, Dusty and Brandon today. They're from up around Enid. We first went to Kaw lake as that's where they wanted to go but when we got out there it was impossible to find any shad except for some that was around big underwater trees. Worked at looking for shad until after 10am and then I asked them if they'd object to loading up and heading back to Keystone because I know where the shad are out there. They sed let's boogy so we boogied. We went over some unfamiliar roads ... goat trails is a better way to describe the route we took back to Keystone but we made it to keystone by 12 noon and went and got shad and was fishing by 1pm ... we fished right at 3 hours and caught 35 fish .. had to release some of them ... they got their 30 inch limit and caught another one about 15 lbs that we had to turn back along with others about 2 lbs. Had a lot of fun with these fellers. We harassed Dusty all day long and gave Curt a rough time too ... Curt stole one of Brandon's fish to take a pic with one before he'd caught his biggun .. I didn't display it on here as this page was getting too loaded but he felt like he wasn't going to catch a biggun but ended up catching the biggest of the day hahaha. Brandon was strategizin with his fish reeling in ... he'd pass up on what looked like the smaller fish so that he wouldn't take up his turn to reel one in on the little ones hahaha. he ended up reeling in quite a few of the biggest fish today by letting the other guys get the light weights hahaha. They didn't seem to mind though cause there was fish coming into the boat right and left so it all worked out.

Brandon landed the first nice fish of the day at 7 lbs

Then just a little while later Curtis landed this 20 lb'r

Here's the guys in an action shot on a double

Here's the three bigguns of the day that they kept
This was actually a double .. the ones that Dusty and Brandon caught came in at the same time
so we had Curtis to pull his biggun back out to get a good pic with their bigguns of the day

Another action shot on a double

Here's the 15 lb'r that we turned back