Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 20, 2016

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Went fishing with more Locals from Hominy and Oilton area, Jimmy, Matt, Cochise and Shylo. When we first get out there Cochise regales us with a fascinating story bout a girl named Tonya and he going wild Strawberry hunting..  Then 2 minutes into the trip Matt says ... okay ... this is pretty much like all my fishing trips where we catch nothing at all. I'm like, Dude, we've only been casted out 2 minutes. He was mildly suprised when we had a rod pull down and then another and another. We ended up with about 150 lbs as the fish were biting and letting go a lot. The fish were pretty shut off which suprised me because it seemed like the conditions the last few days was perfect. Biggest fish was 18 and a 16.

Kansas boy Matt with the first fish of the day

Jimmy with the next fish

Cochise... the reel destroyer

We get ready to move to a fresh spot and one of the reels is hung up
so we went on the other side of the staub and the line gets tight
and Mr Cochise just pushes the button on the reel without thumb
predictable outcome. I had been harrassing him and this is how he
got me back... I cried

Cochise with the 16 lb'r

Jimmy with the 18... biggun of the day

Double action shot