Keystone Catfishing Feb 23, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Rosenquist's today and their friends Daniel and Mike. Gordy had a nice fish that I wanted to take a pic of with him but he said he was waiting on a biggun ... that one was 12 lbs that he'd just caught. I guess he wanted to have a pic of one bigger than Daniel's hahaha. Gordy got this trip for his Mom's Birthday Present. Seemed like they had a pretty good time we lost some really nice fish right at the boat today as we got a good look at them but they'd just come unglued. We still ended up with a big ole mess of fish though. Those weather men need a whuppin cause they was way off on their predictions today ... we had some pretty high winds out there today and it was cold all day long. still had a great time with some great folks.

Here's the birthday girl now, Marge caught this nice 12 lb 3oz blue and I think this was the first fish of the day.
Nice goin Marge! and Tiny wishes you a happy birthday too.

Daniel with the biggun of the day at 19 lbs 12 oz

Mike with a nice one, There's Gordy now standing behind Mike.

Mike's biggun of the day at about 12+