Keystone Catfishing February 23, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Randy and Tyler from Drumright today. Poor Tyler didn't really come dressed for the occasion today. He was shivering all day just about. I felt sorry for him but not enough to let him have one of my jackets. hahaha. Fishing was just about as tough today as it was yesterday but we managed to catch 15 .. 13 blues and 2 channelcat. Wind was terrible today. we had to fish right out amongst it also cause that's where the fish was. In order to get some fairly regular bites we had to find the fish really piled up in an area and it didn't take them long to get moved out either. Finally found a large number of fish about 2pm and started bringing them in pretty quick. These fellers played hooky from School today to go fishing. They was talking about Tyler was going to be in trouble when he went back. I guess I shouldn't post their pictures on the internet but hey,,,,, that's just the way I roll. hahaha

Tyler with a nice 10 lb'r

Randy with a 9 lb'r