Keystone Catfishing February 27, 2011

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Fished with Brian and Bobby Behrens and their friends Scott and Brian. Had a great day and caught a ton of fish. ended up cleaning 46 and the total was 52 and we quit about 1pm due to high winds. If we'd have been able to stay out we'd have filled their limits petty easily but, we only fished around 4 hours. literally had a blast today. Brian warned me today when we first got started that his nickname was "Black Cloud" I asked him what that handle represented and he said you'll find out ... He made mention of it pretty quick saying stuff like the day ain't over yet. Turns out that he wasn't jynxed after all. hahaha ... maybe it was a good thing that he was jynxed because if he weren't I'd still be out there cleaning fish. hahaha.

Todd and Brian on a double, Todd's the one in the Red

Here's the fish they caught... Todd is the one in the red

Brian with a nice one at 11 lb's

Bobby and Brian on another of the many doubles we'd caught today.