Feb 03, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Mike and Eric went fishin with me today ... we had a lot of fun but the pattern was well off what it was the last time we were out. None of the fish were holding tight to structure like they had been ... they were scattered ... I'm guessing that north wind had them all torqued up for some reason and they spooked real easy today ... we would see fish more than 50 yds off splashing and taking off when we'd be idling through an area. We caught 8 I think but it was mostly running and gunning ... we moved a lot to locate fish and when we did we'd get maybe two or three bites at most ... we missed probably more than we caught because they'd hit and spit the hook ... I probably should have went down to a small hook but didn't. Maybe after that front comes through tonight they'll settle back down. Mike with a 13+