Catfishing Floodwater

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This is what it looks like when they're letting out 40,000 cubic ft per second

This is some exciting fishing here boys n girls ... There are a lot of larger fish that hunt down bait in this flood water. These cats are strong and getting them out of this water is a catfishin challenge most people would remember for a lifetime as most fish caught are well over 30 lbs and getting them out of this flood water is really fun if you can do it. These fish bite on whole shad only when the water is cranked down a little they'll hit heads too but seems like they only hit whole ones when they're running this much water ... This is a prime time to use Flathead rigged hook and sinker. What you do in this type water is rig up like the link shows using a heavy nylon leader so that the hook won't break out of the dropper loop and then hook a medium sized shad on through the eyes so that it will flow naturally behind the hook creating a swimming effect as you'll be hung in the rocks and have a tight line ... when a fish hits it'll set the hook on itself and also break the sinker loose instantly as the water is moving so fast that a 5# fish can break a 40# leader easily that's hung in the rocks ... Most of the fish you catch in this flood water will exceed 20# easily. The action is pretty fast also if you're placing the bait in the proper spot. Usually there is a spot that the current isn't quite as strong and the fish will be in this area really thick. This is about the only time I get a rush when fishing cause I know that when I hook one it's gonna be a good one and a challenge to get in on 25# test line. Be warned though ... this type fishin isn't for everyone and a little rough on me as well. I'm makin this out to be kinda spectacular and it is but it's not nearly as bad fishing as I let on ... be sure to have your rod anchored well in the rocks or use a 2" pvc schedule 40 section of pipe duct taped onto the hand rail and make sure your drag will feed out when a fish hits it or they'll break you off the same way they'd break the sinker off putting massive amounts of pressure on your rod and line.