Shad Heads

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A man Emailed me the other day asking just how I cut my shad heads so I decided that was pretty important and I took a pic of shad heads and will explain a little on them here. For some reason I'm catching more fish on shad heads this last 6 months and getting faster hits on them than I do on whole shad or fillets. You must cut the heads from live shad ... if they're dead for more than 20 minutes or been iced down more than 2 hours they'll not work nearly as well. I leave the body cavity (A) on the smaller heads but it doesn't seem to work nearly as well as the ones that are larger (B & C). Sometimes it is hard to catch the larger shad and for this reason I leave more of the body on. They all seem to work well though but if I don't leave the body on the smaller heads it seems to catch smaller fish right now. I don't advocate larger baits though ... just seem to do better with larger shad heads ... I can throw them harder and they stay on the hook a lot better. When I hook them I just go through the eyes and the nose holds the bait on along with the eyes. If I hook them any other way I don't get as good of results. They either fly off when I throw or they helecopter badly reducing my casting distance. This also lessens the spinning effect on retreival when changing baits. Change your bait every 20 minutes to increase bites also. This does three things ... it allows me to cast into a slightly different area perhaps closer to where fish are and keeps fresh bait on the hook and will catch you several flatheads even though you're fishing for blues. Blues and Flatheads love fresh bait.

A. 3" to 4" shad
B. 5" to 6" shad
C. 7 to 8"shad