Jan 04, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

I started out today about 2pm and messed around for about an hour boating to the fishing hole and stopping occasionally to try to net shad ... ended up with only about an hour of fishing but I did pretty good ... I had a pretty good idea where to start fishing so it didn't take long to locate a good number of fish even though I'd been layed up for a little over a month. I was thinkin ... yeah ... you thah man now, Dawg! but, I knew I just lucked out hahaha. I ended up taking 7 home and threw two back that were about 2 lbs. It felt good getting out again ... I'll probably go again tomorrow if I ain't too stove up.

water temp 43 to 45 degrees, using shad heads, Lots of shad all over the lake and plenty of surface activity with this warm weather we're having. 11 lbs 6 oz.
Caught that one about 10 lbs and it was occupying the big net so I hadda struggle with that smaller net to land the 7 lb blue