Keystone Catfishing January 1, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

This fishing trip was a blast for me. Fished with Jusin and John Monsey and a guy who said his name was Kris with a C, Eppard ... I guess he meant Kris C Eppard but I'm not sure. hahaha. John and Justin brought him along today as they don't let him out much... he actually caught the biggun of the day too. Way to go Kris with a C! hahaha  Kris with a C was a card though and John and Justin affectionately referred to him as Forest,,,, Forest Gump so I'm just joining in on the fun. Run Forest .... Ruuunnnn! I laughed so much today ... you just hadda been there cause I can't really describe what all went on ... for instance ... Chris let ole Tiny in on a super secret method of hooking shad heads ... he hooked it behind the eyes and said now this is how you properly hook a shad head on your hook ... ole tex, a guide down in texas, said that this is how you hook the shad so that it'll squirt the shad's brain juice out into the water and bluecat really home in on shad brain juice. I shook my head and took the hook and rod from him and pulled the shad head off that he hooked on and threw it in the water and got another shad head and hooked it on "the right way" and said to Chris ... that's about the dumbest thing I never heard of before cause for one thing ... that ain't even where the shad's brain is hahaha. Poor Chris will believe about anything someone tells him, I guess ... hahaha. Chris was the life of the party today for sure even though he was a little mis-guided. He came up with silly stuff like this all day long. Ole Justin had his own little niche of problems today trying to hook a fish with circle hooks (Justin is a bass fisherman I think)... Then he started knockin um down right and left. John and I was so proud of him ... John is Justin's dad. John and I just sat in the back of the boat most of the time watching this show ... we had front row seats to the best show in town hahaha. We caught a total of 30 fish today ... they threw back the bigger fish to fight another day. We cleaned 24 fish and they averaged a little over 7 lbs each. Made a lot of fish.

Kris with a C caught the biggun of the day at 18 lbs 8 oz

John with a 13+

This was pretty fun to watch right here ...
You ever hear the phrase "a monkey doing something to a football"
That's what it looked like when Kris with a C was trying to get this fish out of the net

Justin with a nice blue

an action shot on one of the many doubles caught today
There was 5 or 6 fish caught in about a 5 minute span at one spot we stopped at today

Chris in an action shot .. he wanted everyone to know that he was actually reeling
in a fish today so that's why he turned his face around while I snapped this shot hahaha.
I guess no one ever believes him when he says he caught a fish

Chris with another 12+ fish