Jan 6, 2008 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Pat and Clay Evans today. We caught shad pretty quick and I was kinda worried about not being able to fish far enough north due to the high winds but the wind was kinda switching around and blowing in two different directions so we were able to get quite a ways to the north from the south bank and it was a good thing too because there wasn't much other than shad back over in those southern wintering areas. I decided to do a slow drift across the channel and we caught one that was around 10 lbs but I was looking for fish mostly during the drift and I spotted some catfish ... a couple then another and then two more right along a ridge going from 35 to 30 ft deep over about a 50 yd area ... it was a very gradual slope but fish were holding on that northern edge of it and that's the only place we could find any catfish but we almost limited out in that first spot we stopped at. I think we had like 24 fish from that one spot and then we made another stop and finished off their limit. they limited out just a little after 1:00 pm. I was gonna let them continue fishing and then remembered that I didn't really have any way to deflate the fish so we went ahead and packed it up. I took them around and showed them how to spot catfish with the fish finder and how to tell the difference between catfish and scaley fish. Stuff like that and then we spotted some striper or hybrids and tried to catch a few of those but they weren't biting. biggest fish was just over 13 lbs. then a 12+ and a few 11's and several around 10 lbs ... livewell and their 48 quart ice chest was both full of fish.

First fish of the day at 10+

Biggest at 13+

I got Pat in an action shot here

Clay in an action shot.

Pat with his 12+ lbs

Livewell and cooler both full of fish