Keystone Catfishing January 08, 2011

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Had a great day out on the water with Bobby, Earl, Lavelle and Lawrence from up OKC way. We caught 30 fish total with a bunch of them being over 10 lbs... weather was pretty great too ... only tough thing about today was cleaning those fish ... next morning my fingers are still frost bitten hahaha

Lawrence with a nice 10+ blue

Earl with the biggun of the day at 15 lbs

BOBBY SHARP!!!! with a 12 lb'r
Ole Bobby hollers his name every time he catches a fish
I'm not sure why but I started hollering it as well..hahaha

Here's Lavelle and Bobby on a triple.
I'd already thrown the third in the livewell
Both these fish were over 10 lbs and the third was around 8