In Memory of Pat Evans, January 9, 2015

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A great Friend and Fishing buddy passed away today. His son called me and let me know and I thought I'd post this as a Memorial Tribute to my good friend Pat Evans. I loved fishing with him and his family and can't remember ever having a better time laughing and joking around along with catching tons of fish. Pat spoke often of his family when they weren't with us out on the lake, His wife, Vicki, Sons Clay and Brett and Daughter Gillie and others he considered his kids of which I could never remember them all. The first two photos were of one of the first and most memorable trips with Pat and Gillie and Pat's cousin Jim Harris. I remember this trip well as it set a new precedent as to whether or not sun screen was required by my fair skinned friends that came out with me because after this trip I demanded folks put on sun screen if I thought they needed it. Poor Gillie didn't wear any and said she was Okay but as it turned out she got dangerously burnt on this trip so from then on I made sure that folks wore sun screen.  Most of my trips with Pat I didn't get any pictures of him. His normal activity was visiting with me while he watched his kids catch most all the fish. His favorite line was "I'll let the kids get a head start on me and then I'll show em how it's done after they get a 5 fish lead on me." Classic Pat Evans right there. He loved watching his kids have fun out there along with friends he'd invite along and youngsters he'd become involved with. He'd call them all "His Kids."

Jim Harris and Pat Evans

Gillie, Pat and Jim

This too was another favorite trip of mine with Pat. We went by ourselves and Pat was the only one reeling fish in and he was totally worn out after this trip because we caught somewhere around 70 fish on this trip. We had a blast!

Another great trip with his son, Clay. This is Clay and Pat


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