Keystone Catfishing January 15, 2010

Tiny's Guide Service

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The ole boat got used for one of those Ice Breaker vessels today as most of the lake was covered in 1/2" to over 1" of ice. Took me forever to get any shad because the main shad areas were under ice. There was some shad around the trees along the main channel but I didn't feel like losing a fairly new 10 ft net so I ended up throwing for some really scattered shad. These guys were a lot of fun as we bantered back n forth most of the day. The most exciting thing that happened other than catching a 17 lb blue was we were running pretty much wide open in dense fog and Kelly hollered and pointed out towards the front of the boat and I thought I was fixin to hit something so I tried to put it in reverse at about 30 mph. needless to say ... that made quite a lot of noise but what it was was a couple of dadburned ducks that Kelly was pointing out for his buddies ... I bout had a heart attack hahaha. they all got a kick outta that though but I was like "oh he*L ... don't do that again!!!" hahaha David and Billy was up front laughin so hard they were about to wet themselves. David's dad, Mike worked with ole Tiny in the oil field back in the day ... 1981 and 1982. I told David a story bout his dad but it was one of those stories that you ain't sure whether or not that it should be told but those are the kinda stories I like to let outta the bag hahaha. I can't tell it here though. I really liked his dad and it's been almost 30 years since I've seen him. Time sure flies.

Left to right, Billy, David and Kelly with Kelly's 17 lb Blue