Keystone Catfishing January 17, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a short day today. We quit around noon but caught 16 total and they released the bigger fish. We didn't catch an asterisk fish today but I allowed we could fudge that 14 lb'r a little if they wanted ... then Brett allowed .. yeah ... it was every bit of 32 lbs then Jason said something but I didn't hear it and Andy allowed that he didn't think too highly of folks what would lie about fish's weight and I said I wasn't gonna do it anyhow but this is gonna make a nice story for the page hahaha. They also allowed that most guides thought they were a little crazy but when they heard that yarn about Tiny's punitive measures about whackin in the privates with the boat oar for losing a big fish they found out that Tiny wouldn't think they were crazy at all ... at the beginning of the trip Andy caught the 13 lb fish and was admiring it and said you know what ... now we and anyone else would look at that pot gut on that fish and say ... what a nice healthy fish that is ... now why can't we be judged the same as fish ... Andy said that by gosh he'd be someone to be admired with his gut ... I was thinkin if we were admired for the size of our guts I'd be a bloomin sex idol hahaha.

Andy with a nice 13+ blue

Brett with a 12+

Brett with a 14 lb 10oz blue

Jason with a nice one about 8 lbs