Keystone Catfishing January 17, 2011

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Had a stellar day out on the water today. Caught over 450 lbs of fish and 60 total. I was so pooped by the time I got home I just crippled myself right into the bedroom, crashed and burned .. shad scales, guts and all. Blaine and crew also had the previous best day ever with a catch of over 350 lbs back in the spring. Today was well over the top as we caught fish after fish ... several doubles and I ended up cleaning 40 fish. We had to turn back 11 that was over 30 inches too.

Clint with his new personal best at 17 lbs

Blaine with one about 13 lbs

And another

And another

Clint with another nice one about 13 lbs

Blaine and Clint on a double at 15 and 20 lbs
Clint's new personal best