Tiny's Catfishing Photos, January 17, 2015

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Fished with Rocky, Jeff and their kids, Jayden and Jolie today. The Lake has just thawed out in the last couple of days with ice still on the shorline everywhere and with the water so cold the fish were very dormant. In this first photo you can see almost nothing but solid catfish with some scaley fish hovering over them. I've seen them stacked up like this the year before and none of them would bite either but we managed to catch two out of this bunch. If the water temp was just a few degrees warmer I'd have not been able to keep up with more than two rods in this spot. This school of fish was about 200 yds long too ... don't know how wide but it was a massive school. I rigged up a snagging outfit and snagged one small blue and turned it back and missed several others with the treble hook ... just did it to prove that these were catfish but wasn't necessary as we caught two out of this bunch, 17 and 13 lbr's. I coulda thrown my net and probably caught around 300 lbs of fish ... last year I caught about 200 lbs out of a school stacked up like this and they were no where near as thick as these were. It's amazing to see this many fish in one spot so I thought I'd share this image with everyone.

Jayden with the biggun of the day at 17 lbs. Rocky holding it up for him

Jolie posing with her biggun of the day at 13 lbs

Rocky, Jolie, Jeff and Jayden


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