Tiny's Catfishing Photos, January 19, 2015

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Fished with Keith and Rick today from around here locally. These boys were men after my own heart ... we spoke of fishing as this was a learning trip and of CoonHunting talking about our best hunts, worst hunts and best dogs. It is an acquired passion but one that sets deep in folks when they've done it all their lives. Today was a pretty amazing day as I'd caught the most fish in one net throw in my whole life ...we guessed it was over 300 lbs and possibly close to 400 lbs. It was amazing to see that much crappie and shad in a 10 ft thrownet ... we destroyed the net ... partially when getting it in the boat... I thought there was a log hung up with it as it was so heavy pulling it up .. I thought it was stuck on something at first and then it started coming up very slowly ... I would have just opened the net up had I known it was all fish but thought I'd lose what shad I had in there if I did that if there was a log hanging down from it so Keith and Rick started wrestling with it and finally got it in the boat ... I had to cut it open to get the fish out of it in time so that they wouldn't die. A lot of the shad may have died as we left there with about 50 or so still trying to get their bearings but managed to save all the crappie and there was probably over 100 crappie in the net ... lots of bigguns too. It was crazy. ... the fishing is straightening up also and in the next few trips I expect we'll probably be doing those 500 to 700 lbs trips again if nothing changes as the temp is supposed to be in the 50's this next week and that'll turn those fish on like crazy.

300 to 400 lbs of crappie and shad

Rick and the biggun of the trip, 21 lbs 9oz

Keith's biggun at 17 lbs 2 oz


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