Tiny's Catfishing Photos, January 20, 2014

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Fished with GGpaw H.L., Gpaw Shelton and Gson Seth. We had a pretty great day catching over 250 lbs of fish with the biggest being 31 lbs and Seth's 24 lb'r.  Ole Seth and me got along pretty great ... turned out he was a real cowboy and that meant pretty gritty little feller ... blood, guts buggers and farts wasn't really out of the conversation so I told him a story bout how me and this other young man became pretty good friends during the course of the fishing trip that was about his age. I said I thought we was good friends anyhow until I got in the pickup and seen in the rear view mirror I had some dried buggers hangin out on my lip and my young friend never told me bout it... I mean if you're friends with someone they should tell ya bout stuff like that ... cornflake alert or bugger patrol ... something ... anything .... ole Seth kinda got a kick outta that story it seemed like. While I was cleaning fish Seth wanted some fish eyeballs ... kinda made me curious so I asked what he wanted them for and he allowed he wanted to put them in some red juice... hahaha. That was a first for me but I gathered him up three eyeballs ... About 30 minutes into the fish cleaning Seth said ... hey Tiny, kinda gently and soft as to not attract any attention and then he subtly pointed his finger at his lip just below his nose as to inform Tiny "bugger alert!!!" and I laughed and said ... MAN .... YOU IS ALRIGHT!!!

Great Gpaw H.L caught this 31 lb'r that Seth is posing with. Tiny's helping him hold it up

H.L.'s 31 lb'r

Seth's biggun of the day aT 24.2 LBS

Seth's Gpaw Shelton with his biggun of the day at 17 lbs