Tiny's Catfishing Photos, January 23, 2013

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Fished with Blaine Wilson and Rick Duckett today. I'm not going to say how much fish we caught today but we set a new boat record that will most likely never be broken again. If I did say how much we caught no one would believe me anyhow. I still have a hard time believing it and I was there when it happened. hahaha. We never went more than 5 minutes without catching at least one fish. We caught 3 over 30 lbs and several 20's and a bunch around 15ish.

Blaine with the biggun of the day at 38 lbs

Rick with a nice one. Don't remember the weight

Couple of thirties... the one on the left with Blaine was the biggun of the day

Rick and a 30

Rick with another 30+