Jan 26, 2008 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Jim Coal and his buddies from up Omaha NE today. We had a blast. Caught a few fish to and some nice ones at that. The fish were somewhat scattered and the water was frozen at the boat ramp and I was the first one to launch this morning so naturally I get stuck on the ramp. hahaha. Some feller with Don today helped me get the ice busted off the ramp ... well he did almost all of it ...he got himself a little rock and started chipping away at it until it was cleared enough for me get back up the ramp. I drove around out there busting the ice up some so they could launch their pontoon boat with no problem. Water temp out in the lake was about 34 degrees in the morning but by the time we were leaving it got up to 37. the fish seemed to prefer the shad heads today. Chuck had the biggun for the day pretty much all day but then Tom jumped up and got one about 6 lbs bigger than his. Chuck seemed to be a little upset about that hahaha. We missed a lot of fish today also. well not that many but it was a pretty good bunch ... I'd tell them when they missed one ... "We didn't want to clean that one anyhow, Did we?" hahaha. It was a really great day ... loads of fun!

Chuck with his biggun of the day at 15 lbs 5 oz.

Tom with a 14 lb 10 oz

I think this one weighed about 14 as well

This is one of the doubles we got. I think Jim was trying to develope a relationship with this 12 lb'r hahaha
He was having all kinds of trouble trying to pick this one up but then he just hugged it..hahaha

Tom with the biggun of the day at 21 lbs