Keystone Catfishing January 26, 2010

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We had a blast today. Fished with some old friends, Blain, Rick and Bob. I hadn't fished with Bob before but he was a blast. I can't remember all the stuff he pulled today but the thing that stuck in my mind was, he'd start off every question with "now I'm going to ask a dumb question" hahaha. I figured it out after a while ... he was just having a little sport with ole Tiny. We caught 42 fish today and it made almost 8 gallons of fillets. Several of the fish were around 7 lbs with an average of about 6 all together, well over 220 lbs of fish. We started out and I found shad fairly quickly but they were all small shad. Then located a bunch of fish but they weren't biting all that well and I found one big shad and cut it into two baits and we caught two fish on the big shad real quick so then I knew we needed to go get some big shad else we wasn't going to do very well. We went and got some and started fishing again and it was pretty close to noon when we started fishing with the big shad and then at 1:15 we had the livewell almost full of fish. About wore this ole fat boy plum out tending to those poles hahaha. When the bite slowed in that first spot we tried a couple of other spots but didn't do very well so we ended up going back to the first spot and caught several more there. We got about 4 or 5 doubles today too. Water temp on the upper end of the lake was 43 and 38 down in the main part of the lake.

This was actually a triple. There was one smaller fish on the floor.
Blain on the left and Rick on the right with a 12 lb'r

Biggun of the day caught by Blain at 16 lbs

Bob caught this nice 10 lb'r

Next two photos, Blain sent to me. In this photo you can see that Blain caught
Bob on camera messin with ole Tiny. I can tell you what I was thinkin "Is it 4:30 yet???"
I'm just kiddin bout that because it might have been a little boring if Bob wasn't there. He was a riot.

Here's another shot of the 10 lb'r that Bob caught