Tiny's Catfishing Photos, January 28, 2017

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We had a rough but great day on the water today with some Ponca locals David and his wife Gaye along with Uncle Randy and friend Francesco with whom I speaked some spanglish with and fount out that I might be more mexicanized than he is as I knowed a spanish word he didn't "abrumadora" ... I said you mean to tell me I know more spanish than you do and he said I spose you do ... well don't feel bad I said cause I just now looked it up on my phone hahaha. To save you looking it up it means "overwhelming" so thusly "tenemos que es removido 32 pez gato azul este dios" which means we caught 32 bluecats today .. I think it does anyhow hahaha. biggest one was 17 lbs 4 oz I think and Francesco caught that one .. Gaye caught two that went 14plus and 13plus. I'm only posting about 1/3rd of the photos I took today as there's way too many.
The wind about beat me to death but I went ahead and stayed out in it as that's where the majority of fish were and we sat in one spot for most of the day and only moved once catching fish after fish. I still hadn't recovered from the last windy day so this one about finished me off. The wintering is over as the last flood brought the fish out of wintering mode and they're moving into the spring pattern which will mean lots of active fish plum up into mid may when they take off for the spawning run.

Francesco with his first nice one of the day

Gaye reeled the biggun in first then the next one bit
just as we got the first one in the boat

Gaye with her biggun of the day 14 lbs and some oz's

Uncle Randy with a nice one


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