Keystone Catfishing January 31, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Perry and Sherry today. Had a great time but we started off really bad. I burnt up 15 gallons of gas looking for shad today. I'm pretty sure we had a massive die off of the shad population due to the lake freezing over. I hope I'm wrong but I covered almost the whole lake. The only place I didn't check was the big part of the lake out by the dam and I hope they didn't move down there because we'll get tons of shad being killed by getting sucked through the pinstocks on the dam. But we went from Walnut creek west all the way to new Mannford and past Appalachia bay and couldn't find shad anywhere ... I finally spotted a ball of shad that was maybe 10 ft in diameter and if I'd have missed them by any more than 10 foot I'd have never gotten any shad today. We loaded the bait tank up with that one throw ... this was after trying to hit some smaller balls of shad but I'm really worried that we don't have very many shad left in keystone. We started fishing about 1:30 ... that's how long it took to catch shad today. We fished until 6pm and caught 16 fish with the biggest being about 9 lbs. The wind got pretty bad and my front anchor winch went out on us so we were very limited as to where we could fish until about 5:30 ... we stopped at one last spot and caught 3 more fish pretty quickly ... if we hadn't run out of daylight we coulda loaded up the boat in that last spot I think cause there was a truck load of fish at that last spot ... we'd decided to go in so I'd have a little daylight left  to clean fish but I seen all those fish and I said hey ... ya'll wanna fish some more ... hahaha. well... that was a dumb question because Perry and Sherry love fishing and have fished all over the nation. So we stopped and used up what daylight we had left ... I cleaned the fish in the dark ... I had enough light to see well enough but by the time we got out of there it was dark:30. Great day even with all the trouble we had.

Sherry with the first fish of the day at about 6 lbs

First double of the day.

Then a triple