Jan 24, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

It was really a tough day fishing today ... I caught one and mostly just posting this for informational purposes. Water temp was 45 on the cimarron side of the lake. No bird activity at all other than them sitting on shore looking at me like there's no need for you to even be trying to fish. Seen one gull just shake his head in disgust at my futile attempts to catch a fish. There was no current, the majority of the shad have moved out somewhere ... there's still enough shad up there to net but no where near as many as there was on the 21st. Most of the shad I seen were very scattered today except in a few locations there were some big bait balls. Most of the shad went somewhere and I think the fish probably followed .. I noticed the gulls were having a hard time catching shad and when one would catch one about a dozen others would try to assault him and take his food away from him ... it was pretty comical to watch. anyhow, this is the one I caught today. 12 lbs 6 oz