Jan 26, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

I met Brian and Steve over by Pier 51 and we went fishin. They did real good too ... I think Brian said they had 8 fish. That's what I ended up with as well ... I threw back about 8 under 5 lbs. Water temp was 42 to 43 .. I was using large shad heads. Danny, you missed a good shot at a few wife beaters today hahaha. The wind got my back to bothering me quite a bit so I packed it up and went home. I shoulda left sooner but I wanted to see if I might catch a biggun today. Brian and Steve from Sapulpa sliming up their pretty Cobra bass boat.
18 lbs 11 oz
15 lbs 8 oz
Before I could do anywhing with the 15.8 I caught his twin
16 lbs 3 oz
These were the last ones I caught 10 lbs 4 oz on the biggest one ... didn't weigh the other.