Jan 28, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Danny, Shawn and I went fishing today and we got soaked but we had close to the best day fishing that I've been on since I got the new boat. I think the credit goes to the other fishermen in the boat cause I tweren't helpin much. We caught several fish at the first place we stopped and then they just kinda shut off on us so we started looking fish up in other places after we made another shad run. We worked the shorline a little and Danny had one pick his bait up and shoot under the boat then Shawn picked up a couple off a point on the east side of a little cove we were at. Shawn had the hot hand today ... we went back to the first place we stopped and fished some more there and shawn again located a good number of fish back up in the cove where I wouldn't have even thrown due to there only being small channelcat up in there two days ago but I guess that's where the fish went or pulled back to when they shut off earlier. Shawn was workin them over today. Danny took the ole snaggin rig and whupped up on a nice sized carp today. Shawn seen a big school of fish over where he'd casted a rod so we sharped a treble up and rigged it up on my scaley fishin outfit and on Danny's second or third cast he was hooked up ... he thought it was hung up but it wasn't ... it was a nice sized carp ... I think if the water was a little warmer it woulda turned him every which a way but it didn't put up all that much of a fight. We tried some cut carp for bait but didn't get anything on it. There were a lot of pictures taken today as we caught around 30 fish and most of them was around 10 lbs each so we boated well over 200 lbs of fish today. Biggest was 15 lbs 14 oz .. next to the biggest was 14 something. Then a whole bunch of them just over 10 lbs. It was a great time with great friends. One I'll remember forever .. it'll be hard to forget cause I filmed quite a bit on this trip with the camcorder. Most of the fish caught on large shad heads and some on bodies. Water temp around 46.5 and raining off and on. Shawn with a nice 14+ lb'r

Danny chalkin up another one.

15 lbs 14 oz