Oologah Catfishing July 2, 2012

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I went fishing on Oologah tonight with Bill Mitchell and his Brother Don. We went out on the 1st originally but we went up north idling through the shallows trying to get up the main channel and I ran over a log that ripped the transom out about a foot across the back where the hull and transom is welded together. It was touch n go there for a little bit but we made it back to the boat ramp on Winganon. They allowed that they wanted to go the next night if I got my boat fixed so I started working on it this morning and went out to the shed and my electric line to my shed had burned out. i found some heavy guage wire .. 10/0 I think it was and wired me up a plug to the main meter pole and finally got to work on the boat. I got it all done by about 3pm so I pretty much put in a full days work before we ever went fishing ... hahaha .. you could imagine my feeling of relief when they allowed they had enough fish for their fish fry. hahaha. We fished for almost 4 hours and caught 14 .. had two bigguns get off ... one just came unbuttoned and the other got wrapped around the anchor rope and broke off. Bill said he thought that it might have been as much as 30 to 40 lb'r and I believed it too cause of the way it was fighting.  We missed quite a few others as well but we did nicely for the first trip of the summer .. it'd been a couple years since I'd been out on Oologah too. Lots of fun cuttin it up with these guys.

Bill with one at 11 lbs.

Don with a nice 5 lb'r