Keystone Catfishing July 8, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

I fished with Josh Stout, his girlfriend's father Larry and Josh's father Glenn Stout this evening. We didn't catch the 50 lbs this evening. We caught 8 fish total. We'd located some fish on a little shelf and I should have stayed there but we decided to head up river and that ate up a lot of time. There's no current at all so that makes it super tough to locate any fish in the usual spots. I'll be kickin myself for a while for not staying on that group of fish we found or at least trying to. What we caught made a nice little mess of fish ... I think we caught just over 30 lbs of fish. Everyone was tired about midnight so I told poor Josh ... okay ... we gotta turn the fish back he was not looking too happy about that statement ... I said it's the law ... we gotta turn um back if we don't catch at least 50 lbs. Honest! He didn't think it was funny at all. I looked over at Glenn and said he don't get Tiny's humor does he! hahaha.

Here's Josh with a few of the fish we caught. I'd already cleaned a few of them and there's one still in the box.