Tiny's Catfishing July 9, 2016

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First trip of the summer and Tiny pulled a good one... we headed up to Kaw and went all the way up the turnpike and I decided then to look at the lake level and found that Kaw was flooded and it'd only been a couple days since I looked at the lake level which was normal then so I stopped and we discussed it and decided to head to Keystone which was about 40 miles back the  other direction. I felt like the village idiot already but we got out there and found that the fish were a little shut off but we did fairly well catching close to 20 fish ... I didn't count them but I think that's about what we ended up with... Fished with Cliff and his lovely wife Kris and their friends Walter and Chuck... The weather was pretty great all day but started getting pretty hot around 2 or so. We didn't last much longer after it heated up but had a great day laughin and cuttin up.


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