Tiny's Catfishing July 10, 2014

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Fished with John Paris and his son, Brett along with Brett's school buddies, Walker and Hayden. We had a lot of fun catching some really nice fish. Biggest was 22 lbs and an 18 and 16.5 lb'rs. We was fishing and all of a sudden the young men discovered Tiny's tree frog what I affectionately named "Bertrum" or Bert fer short. I told um that if they was gentle they could pet him but then "Kerplunk!!!" Bert took the dive hahaha ... I acted like I was all busted up sayin ... "I knew him well" and stuff like that just messin with Walker telling him that Bert was my special friend and the boat mascot and all kinds of stuff just harassin him the way no one but Tiny can. hehehe. Ole Hayden almost .... well not almost ... he did take a fall when he got a bite and he was standing on the front deck ... he jumped off there real quick and the floor was pretty slick with all the baby shad slime on the floor of the boat. And, Boom/Bang clank poor ole Hayden busted his ass.... hahaha ... wasn't funny just then but it was after I seen he was okay. Bet he'll feel it tomorrow though. Battery on my phone is dead so I have to wait for the battery to charge some before I can post the pics so I'll do that this afternoon ... going to bed right now as I'm pooped.

Here's Brett with his biggest of the night at 16+

Hayden with an 18 lb'r

Walker with the biggest of the night at 22 lbs

Hayden with another nice one



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