Tiny's Catfishing July 11, 2014

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Fished with Scott, Spencer, Chad and James tonight and I ended up cleaning 26 fish ... we threw maybe 4 dinks back and caught a few gar as well. Oh..... speaking of Gar ... one of .. well .. I better see if I can explain this in detail and it might take a lot of reading but I think it'll be worth your time hahaha. As I was saying ... gar is the subject along with a young feller named Spencer and James or Chad ... don't remember which one enabled the poor feller but what I mean by enabling is that they handed the rod to Spencer that had a gar on the line that was over 4 ft long... it was a big rascal and before the rod was handed to Spencer the gar had tangled up in two of the front lines on the right side of the boat. Spencer now in control of the beast starts to direct the gar towards the front of the boat... I allow to Spencer not to let the gar get in the anchor rope .. He announces "I'm not" but he kept pulling it right towards the anchor rope ... and it goes around the anchor rope then back out from around it so then he proceeds to lead the gar over to the left side of the boat. The two rods on the right side of the boat are wrapped hopelessly around the gar too and they're putting a strain on the rod holders too. A major catastrophe was unveiling right before my eyes ... I say to Spencer "You hate me ... don'tcha?!!!" still the gar is going nuts and dangerously close to wrapping up more lines but then I get hold of him and my git-a-long gets a good torquing  so I lean against the rod holder rack to hold myself up while hanging onto the line trying to get the hook cut off so that I can straighten things out and bout then the gar shows me just how sharp his choppers are by putting a good gash in between my index and middle fanger. hahaha... Once the gar is released and I raise up with a good grimace on my face and I look at Spencer and he's looking at me with this look of despair and feeling that he needed to say something to perhaps make me feel better or I'm not sure what went through his mind but what came out of his mouth was a very soothing tone mixed with a whimper as he was feeling really bad for me it looked like ... in the soothing whimper he says "Uuuh, Tiny ... could I get you a beer?!!" I busted up laughing and he's still got this look of horror and fear ... I guessed he thought that I was upset with him and he wanted to make me feel better and thought maybe a beer might fix it for me hehehe. So naturally I had to have a little fun with that but I let him know right quick that I wasn't thinkin it was his fault and I wasn't upset at him but he still seemed to feel bad for me. There isn't much anyone can do to keep a 4+ ft gar from doing what he wants to. Every once in a while throughout the night I'd Whimper "Hey Spencer... Uuuh .. can I get you a beer?" hahaha.. LOL. It was an amazingly fun night and one I'll remember from now on. Also as fate would have it. I'd snap what I consider to be the best photo I've ever taken in my life with Spencer as the subject matter.  

Chad with the first nice fish of the night at about 9 lbs

James with a nice one

Scott with his biggest of the night

Chad with the biggest of the night at 11 lbs

Here's the pic I was talking about with Spencer holding up a nice one
I ain't claiming this as photographic skill or anything
looks like Spencer and James just knows how to pose for a good shot


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