Keystone Catfishing July 13, 2010

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Fished with Blain, Chance and Ray from up Bartlesville. This was my first trip back on the summer evening/night trips ... didn't do too bad ... caught 28 fish and had to turn 2 back due to having our limit of 30 inch fish along with two nice little flatheads. Made over 200 lbs of fish on this trip. Weather couldn't have been better for a mid July trip as we had a nice breeze coming out of the south blowing across the water making it fairly pleasant out there. Just couldn't have been any better I don't think.

Ray with the first nice one today at 12 lbs

Blain with a good one 13 lbs

Blain again with a 12

Ray with an 11 lb'r

Chance with his 15 lb Flat

Double of nice ones ... ray with a 10 lb'r and Chance with a 18 lb'r