Tiny's Catfishing July 13, 2015

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Jerry and Ray from all the way out Bakersfield CA came fishing with Tiny for three days... I got pics of the 13 and the 15th but don't know if my camera didn't save the photos or what or if I even took pics on the 14th but didn't get any so we're just going to have two trips posted ... Fishing on Kaw is tough right now after that second flood water we had come in .. there was plenty of fish to be found stacked up but the ones stacked up wasn't biting and I was thinking the active fish may have been up in the willow trees but we still did okay. The long boat ride was something terrible to deal with though as none of the main ramps are available for launching as they're all under water right now. 

Jerry with his biggun of the night

Ray with a nice little flathead


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