Kaw Catfishing July 15, 2012

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Fished with Paul Decker and his son, Dallas. Their friends Matt and Jeff with us as well. Had a pretty tough time tonight with high winds that kept our baits pulled down into the mud. The wind died down some and we started sacking them up. Caught 15 all together with the biggest one at 16 lbs. Ole Matt is a giant of a man and he held up a 12 lb fish and it litterally looked like it was only about 5 lbs or so ... we shook hands at the end of the night and he had the grip of a car crusher... I was like woah man .. he allowed something bout his daddy always told him to give a good squeeze when shaking a man's hand and I allowed how he probably wasn't intending for ya to injure poor ole fat boys neaner hahaha. Young Dallas was a lot of fun. Great sense of humor for a 12 year old and just the right amount of ornery to make for a really fun night of fishing.

Paul with the biggun of the night at 16 lbs

Mountain man Matt with a 12 lb'r

Jeff with one at 11 lb's

Dallas with a nice blue

Dallas again with two in a row he caught