Tiny's Catfishing July 15, 2012

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Fished with Curtis Ondracek and his buddies, Casey and Chad tonight. We were tearing them up pretty good until I had to stop and clean fish about midway through the trip ... while I was cleaning fish the wind died down and the bite shut plum off but we still ended up with about 180 lbs of fish total. I went with Jimmy and Timmy Gent the following night with their friends, Mike and Jesse. The bite hadn't straightened up by the night of the 16th either cause we only landed 6 fish along with missing a few ... One of the missed fish was a really biggun as it was stripping drag for a good long ways before it got off. It was kind of odd too as we had a good strong southeast wind and I figured we'd tear them up the evening of the 16th ... sure messed up the success streak I had goin. Can't remember a trip that I hadn't gotten folks at least 100 lbs of fish before last night.

Curtis with the first nice fish of the evening

Casey with one about 10 lbs

Chad with a 13 lb'r

Curtis with the biggun of the night at 17 lbs

Chad holding up the 17 lb'r