Keystone Catfishing July 17, 2010

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Fished with Pat, Gillie, Laurel and Brett tonight. First fish in the boat was the biggun of the evening at 34 lbs. Laurel had a real hard time getting the rod out of the rod holder but she managed and started reeling then hollered at Brett to get it for her ... it's too big she allowed. I talked her into going ahead and reeling it in because I knew it was a nice fish and she went ahead and got him in after a good hard battle. The funniest thing that happened tonight was when I was cleaning fish ... I was dipping water out of my ice chest into the freezer bags to cool the fillets down and I forgot to close the lid and sat back down on it ... if I'd have had a normal sized by I'd have dipped my arse right in that ice cold water. hahaha.

Laurel's 34 lb'r ... Brett had to hold it up for her

Gillie with a nice 10 lb'r

Brett got this 25 lb'r in

I forgot how much this one weighed that laurel got here, think it was about 15 lbs

This was a wild battle on this 27 lb blue. We had to triple team
him ... Gillie started reeling it in then it got hung in the motor
and I worked around there and got it loose from the prop and then
Laurel took over and Gillie was helping her pump the rod because it kept diving down
like a dadburnt flathead ... over and over again they'd get it up near the surface and then it'd take off again.
Nerve Racking!!!! hahaha

Gillie got this last 13 lb'r in about midnight and we stayed for
about another 30 minutes and they allowed it was time to go in