Tiny's Catfishing July 18, 2017

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Fished with the current all time weight record holders for the catfishing.tv boat, Blaine Wilson, Rick Duckett and Rick's Daughter, Becky. They set the record at 1200+ lbs on one fishing trip back on Jan 23, 2013. Today wasn't nearly as great of a trip as that one but still pretty decent trip catching over 300 lbs of fish... we threw back 6 or 7 over 15 lbs. This trip Rick brought his daughter, Becky and she was a hoot ... giggled all night long. She might be a great cure for depression because when ya hear her giggle it makes ya all happy inside... infectious giggling. hehehe.

Blaine with the first nice one

Becky with her first nice one

And Rick with a goodern

Blaine and me holding up Becky's biggun of 24 lbs

Becky caught the biggun of the night at 24+