Keystone Catfishing July 20, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service  

I messed up and overwrote this page so I don't remember the particulars too well .. the top photo is 15 lb 3 oz and the next biggest was 13 lb 14 oz if I remember right. that's the second photo .. the bottom photo was 7 or 8. This is my son's first fishin trip in several years. we had a blast and caught 22 fish all together on this day trip. it got really hot out there about 2pm and I thunk I was gonna get sunstroke. Jess lost a biggun that hit and went under the boat ... by the time he caught up with the fish it was under the boat and going on the other side and jess about lost his grip on the rod when it did ... it was funny when the fish came unbuttoned ... poor jess was really upset about losing that one. it was a goodern as it was strippin drag that was set to about 30 or 35 lbs pull.