Keystone Catfishing July 20, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Remember the rod I was tellin ya'll about on the 20th that the drag was set really tight on ... well I don't own that rod any more ... the proud owner of that rod is a big ole catfish out on lake Keystone. What happened was, we'd went out in search of some bigguns tonight and we found two or three in this one spot that had some heft to um. I broadcasted my rods and the first bite hammered down on that tight drag and it was too tight for those Attwood rod holders cause the bottom of it snapped right off when that fish laid down on it. I scurried around and tried to snag it by tying on a snaggin hook on one of my other rods and dragging it around out there several times up n down the area but never got hold of it. Sure woulda liked to have gotten a look at that one. We went back to the spot that I'd located the fish and gotten the bite and us boating around trying to get the rod back and the fish I guess pushed those other fish out of the area because I couldn't find them but we fished there anyhow ... never got another bite there so we headed out and I located a few more fish where we caught the 15 lb 8 oz flathead and the 19 lb 5oz blue. Caught 19 total. Another great trip with my boy.