Keystone Catfishing July 25, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Lelands tonight, Mike, Donna and Jeff. We actually went flathead fishin and this is what happened ... we caught a whole truck load of Bluecat. We also missed a bunch of good hits ... man if we'd have landed all of them I ain't sure what we'd have done ... we caught so many 15 lb'rs that I lost count. Only posting a few of the pics and we stopped photographing anything around 10 to 15 lbs early on. It was a blast too. We did catch a few flathead but they were little ones. deep hooked um so we had to keep them. We caught the biggun where I'd had the rod holder broke off the trip on the 21st. Live shad seemed to be the best bait tonight, we had bluegill but we didn't catch but about 1/4 of the fish on them. If anyone wants to go tonight just give me a call and leave a message with my wife as I'll be asleep most of the day. but I've got enough bait ready to go for this evening.

Jeff with the biggun of the night at 34 lbs. They wanted to release this one so he's still out there to be caught again.

Here's another shot of the biggun. If it was filled out and not thin from the spawn it woulda been around 45 lbs we thought.

Mike with one of this 15 lb'rs

Here's Donna in an action shot.

Donna with a nice one. 11+

Jeff with his 20+