Tiny's Catfishing July 26, 2014

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Fished with Alan and Danine and their parents, Orvil and Phylis. This was a pretty amazing night .. we got three bigguns we released and they still ended up with 4 gal of fillets but the fishing was just a small part of this trip as I was laughing about the span of the whole trip. They was too. hahaha. You'll see one of the reasons why on the 4th photo below.

Orvil with the first fish of the trip

Alan with one at 12 lbs

Danine and her biggun of the night at 18 lbs

Phylis in a normal photo with her first nice one of the night
but click on the photo and see what happened

Orvil with his biggun of the night at 21 lbs 9 oz

28 lbs 7 oz

Danine sent me this email:

Dear Tim,
We just wanted you to know what a fantastic time we had. we are still giggling. thank you again for the awesome fishing trip. and the laughs our endorphins are still running high.
Always Danine and Alan Smith

The endorphins thing was a thing I told them bout old people telling lies ... they get an endorphin released into their brain when they tell lies and the bigger the lie the stronger the feeling of pleasure they get from telling those lies. hahaha. Thanks for the kind words, Danine. They're much appreciated.  



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